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Santosha means contentment and is one of the niyamas of yoga, practiced as a means to enlightenment. The intention of Santosha Healing Arts is to help bridge the internal contentment that develops as a result of our personal healing journey to the outside world. This is possible as our external environment begins to reflect the inner peace that we cultivate through our own healing work. Santosha Healing Arts helps to facilitate this inner state of balance through energy work, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, therapeutic bodywork and massage, essential oils and plant-based medicine, as well as through healing energy work classes and meditation that empower you to become your own healer.

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"Contentment is serenity, but not complacency. It is comfort, but not submission; reconciliation, not apathy; acknowledgment, not aloofness. Contentment is a mental decision, a moral choice, a practiced observance, a step into the reality of the cosmos. Contentment is the natural state of our humanness and our divinity and allows for our creativity and love to emerge. It is knowing our place in the universe at every moment. It is unity with the largest, most abiding reality."

From "Santosha: The Ease of the Heart"
By Swami Shraddhananda Archives Vol. 11, No. 3, May/June 2004